All CNAs/HHAs are eligible to accumulate “Interim Points” based on performance
at work! Points are granted by category, and each category is worth a specific
number of points. Caregivers have the opportunity to “cash-in” their points to win the item of their choice at any time. Points do not expire! 

How to Win Interim Points:

  • Recruiting: Employee Referral - 5 points (including a Referral Bonus)

  • Positive Client Feedback - 10 points

  • Client Referral - 10 points

  • Client Advocate - 15 points

  • Accepting Fill-In Case within 24hrs - 20 points

  • Accepting Fill-In Case outside 24hrs - 5 points

  • Picking Up a Travel Case - 10 points

  • Employee of the Month - 20 points

  • Completion of CEUs for the year by JUNE - 15 points

  • Work Anniversary Date - 10 points

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